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I call myself Joy  because it's a good reminder of my overall mission.

For me, Art is intentional. It’s a process, a way of life; thought-provoking and humbling. It can collect and connect humans from vastly different lifestyles or challenge our own ideas of truth. Living an Art Life is essential to my identity.  I am a multifaceted being and a student of life, learning things everyday and using those tools to continue exploring myself and surroundings more deeply. Living a Loving Life follows a similar path too; intentional, thorough and connective. In a way, I'm always flitting about thinking to myself, "create art that makes you love to live". I am lucky enough to pursue many passions that can all co-mingle into a spectacular and versatile career.  

I have a BFA in Fine Art from the Ohio State University, but far more interesting is how that all unfolded after graduation as I continue to develop new, artistic potentials and  delve into the diverse worlds I naturally flow between.

Currently, I'm based out of Brooklyn, New York  and am intimately involved with several artistic communities, particularly the avant-garde performance art and costume design communities, the circus arts/acrobatic community, and the figure and fashion modeling community. As much as I love the city, I also love to travel and have performed and modeled throughout the US and in a sprinkling of countries as well.


Fun Facts:

I have a few collections (Ironically all shared and stemming from my Poppa)
1. Pressed Pennies that I've gotten all over the World 

2. Found Dead Bugs or their Sheds 

3. Pretty Stones and Crystals

One of my favorite things are the kind of roller coasters that drop in your stomach when you've gone over a big bump, or that feeling after spinning in circles and you're crazy dizzy and then maybe try to do handstands or cartwheels.

I adore my ability to be playful. Being a clown seems to come naturally. One of my missions is to remind adults that they are just big kids and play is important, it makes for a  more healthy and happy life.


In my free time I learn about the significance of touch and have other interests in bodywork and other touch therapies.